On those eternal peaks where winter reigns,
And cold and frost their icy splendors shed,
Like drops of blood on pallid banks of snow,
This hyacinthine blossom lifts its head,
A pyramid of tiny tongues of flame
Darting from out the rifts of dazzling white.
A strange, bright phantom, born of ice and fire,
Flushing pale wastes with gleams of crimson light.
'Tis said that when a holy man of old,
Bearing the cross, on sacred mission bent,
Beheld upon the mountain's snowy crest
This blood-red flower his pious fancy lent
A charm miraculous, and, kneeling there
In adoration, on the mountain-side,
With heavenward gaze and hands upraised in prayer,
"Sangre de Cristo"-- blood of Christ-- he cried!

-- Sarah J. Pettinos

Shrug, they remind me of strawberry-vanilla swirled soft-serve ice cream cones.

What, you were expecting some helpful botanical link? Your patience is rewarded!

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